The Schmidt Investment Group provides clients and institutions access to investment strategies that are typically only available and utilized by large institutional investors such as the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Community Foundations and other sophisticated institutions such as the Harvard and Yale Endowment Funds. Our clients gain access to world leading money managers, private equity managers and absolute/hedge fund managers creating a more diversified portfolio and reducing overall risk.

Our investment strategy is evaluated, implemented and monitored based on a ‘best in class’ approach. No single investment firm is the best in the world in every category of investment management. Therefore, we conduct a global manager search and bring the leading managers together for each component of a client’s portfolio to successfully deliver strong, long term returns. When constructing an individual client portfolio we match the client’s risk tolerances, income needs and tax circumstances to the best suited investment managers.

Downside protection is at the heart of our process. When we are constructing portfolios, Rule #1 for us is “Don’t Lose Capital”. Rule #2 is, “Don’t Forget Rule #1”. Warren Buffet has often stated that the cornerstone to his success is not what he has invested in, but rather what he did not invest in. Before we move forward with our recommendations for a client, we stress test and back test the proposed portfolio to confirm that even during the most difficult investment and economic times, our clients can be confident in regards to the preservation of their capital.

We focus on real (after inflation), after tax and after fee rates of return as we understand that what matters is not what you make but rather what you keep after tax, inflation and fees. For 20+ years, The Schmidt Investment Group has been fully accountable to clients through our proprietary and customized performance reporting and fee summaries that are clear and easy to understand. We continue to be transparent and fully accountable as the industry regulators phase in new transparency rules around performance and fees.

The Schmidt Investment Group uses its own unique Dollar-Cost Averaging and Rebalancing Model which allows clients to buy into the market at low prices rather than at average or high prices. Client portfolios are actively managed from an individual security level and from a macro position. We take advantage of opportunities in both strong and weak markets and economic environments. We are active in trimming profits as well as taking advantage of compelling buying opportunities.

At The Schmidt Investment Group we seek to fully understand the cash flow needs of our clients in order to create the appropriate investment portfolio. This objective approach ensures that we are not forced to sell in unfavorable market environments in order to meet cash flow requirements. Whether clients are retired and require a regular income stream or they have periodic income needs they can be confident that the strategy outlined for them will be sound and reliable.

Decisions are managed based on strict investment policy guidelines which have been mutually agreed upon and developed collaboratively between each of our clients and ourselves. These are well documented and outlined within our clients' Investment Policy Statements and are regularly reviewed with our clients.

The Schmidt Investment Group maintains a high level of expertise by attending multiple conferences and educational workshops every year that focus on institutional and private client money management. Members of our advisory team each hold multiple designations that far exceed industry educational norms and as such The Schmidt Investment Group is recognized as one of the most technically skilled investment advisor practice groups in Canada. We have a thirst for knowledge and are passionate about helping clients “simplify their wealth” while realizing strong investment performance.