At the Schmidt Investment Group we believe that by bringing together some of the most privileged people in the world with some of the most vulnerable people in this world, we each have the opportunity to become better versions of ourselves.

Global Impact Trips Provide:

  • Life changing experience and lasting memories with your family, friends or corporate team over 11 days.
  • First hand experience of your legacy through the celebration of the school opening with the local community.
  • Tools and strategies to inspire your children/grandchildren to become compassionate, engaged, grateful and impactful citizens in their own communities and on a global stage.

Participate In:

  • Collaborative focus groups with parents/grandparents on how to inspire and raise children/grandchildren of wealth.
  • A women's saving and loans group and learn how they are changing the landscape of business in the developing world.
  • A women's cascade group and learn how they are solving chronic malnutrition and high infant mortality rates.
  • Strategic planning with community and business leaders addressing local and global issues.


A Life Changing Experience.
Be a Part of It!


Impact Trip #4

Join The Schmidt Investment Group team, representatives from the Mascots Race for Hope 2018 community and anonymous donors as they open the schools that they made possible - Expand Hope schools 3, 4 and 5, in the communities of Chacalte and Antiqua Xonca in March 2019.

Impact Trip #3

Join the Schmidt Family – Marvin, Leah, Joshua, Téa & Keats – at the opening of their second Expand Hope School in the community of La Pista in March 2018.

Impact Trip #2

Join Marvin and Leah Schmidt as they celebrate the opening of their first Expand Hope School with the community it will serve, La Pista, in March 2017.

Impact Trip #1

Join Expand Hope’s Founder and Chair of the board as he travels to Guatemala in October 2015.


CRA Charity Registration Number: 815802723RR0001

Marvin Schmidt is making the donation and NOT the client or anyone who referred a client. Marvin Schmidt is making the donation through the CIBC Miracle Day and the CIBC Children’s Foundation which in turn directs the donation to the Expand Hope Foundation which qualifies as a Canadian Qualified Program Relevant Charity as per CRA and the CIBC Children’s Foundation. Donations made are in respect of fees and commissions earned, other than insurance fees and commissions, in respect of new clients, during the first 18 months as a client of Marvin Schmidt and The Schmidt Investment Group. The client will be charged fees or commission rates within The Schmidt Investment Group’s standard range. Any materials that reference the Expand Hope Foundation arrangement must be reviewed by the Supervisor and resident Edmonton Branch Manager, Toby Dragland or his successor, to ensure that the above is set out clearly and that there are no conflicts of interest.