Client Fees

In the early stages of communication with our clients we are very explicit and transparent as to what fees exist. This ensures that clients are aware of ALL fees before they commit to proceed. At The Schmidt Investment Group we are and always have been very competitive in regards to pricing.

We recognize the importance of transparency and predictability of costs. We also believe that a client should pay only for what they are utilizing; therefore, different fees are applied for different asset classes, ensuring that a more conservative client does not subsidize the fees of a more aggressive or complex client mandate.

Our Compensation

At The Schmidt Investment Group the compensation structure for ALL professionals is constructed as follows:

  • Base Salary: Base salaries are reviewed annually against the industry peer group to ensure that they remain competitive.
  • Investment Performance Bonus: Bonuses are in correlation with achieving strong client portfolio returns – the better clients do the better we do.
  • Individual Annual Performance Bonus: Based on the achievement of both qualitative and quantitative individual performance results as set out at the beginning of each year.
  • Quarterly Corporate Bonus: Team based pooled bonuses are determined by the achievement of strategic business goals that are aligned with the 3 year vision of The Schmidt Investment Group.

The average of bonuses paid out exceeds 75% of base salaries and therefore, all professionals are highly motivated to meet or exceed client expectations.