Our philosophy is, in part, a direct response to a critical challenge that exists among financial advisors and investment managers worldwide – too many clients, too little time. A typical financial advisory group consists of one advisor and one assistant, who attempt to manage the wealth of hundreds of clients. Unfortunately, in spite of their best intentions, many of these financial advisors are unable to proactively advise or review the portfolios of their clients and often sacrifice personal attention in order to satisfy more clients.




At The Schmidt
Investment Group,
our philosophy is



The Schmidt Investment Group has one of the highest professional-to-client ratios in the investment management industry. We choose to serve an exclusive client base because we know that with fewer clients and more skilled professionals we can create better solutions, remain accessible and provide the personal attention necessary to help our clients strategically get to where they desire to be. We can confidently say that we are ‘managing' (rather than just ‘holding') the wealth and assets of our clients.





Our clients choose to work with us because they want an advisory group who continually oversees and monitors their portfolio, responding to changes as they occur. They want an advisor who will take the time necessary to understand their immediate and long term objectives. They want an advisor who will structure and review a customized strategy to meet those objectives and who can then communicate in an effective and understandable manner.