We each experience life changing moments – events that we view as turning points that alter the course of our lives. At four years old I was run over by a car, miraculously surviving the accident with minor injuries. In 1990, while flying back to Edmonton from Germany, I lived through an airplane double-bomb threat and an emergency crash landing. Eight years later, I was supposed to be in the epicenter of the Twin Towers during 9/11 when my schedule inexplicably changed, just in time to miss the September 11 attacks. Our personal experiences have compelled Leah and I to cherish each moment we share with our loved ones and the people who are a part of our life’s journey. We are passionate about living life consciously and with purpose and meaning every day. We are driven to create an impact in the world today while leaving a legacy for future generations.

When Leah and I became parents, we questioned if we were instilling in our children a deep gratitude for the opportunities that living in Canada afforded them and the blessed life that we are able to live. Were we doing everything that we could to provide our children with an appreciation for hard work and the true value of a dollar? Were we raising our children to be engaged and compassionate people who actively make the world brighter? We couldn’t help but think about the millions of children who live in very different and extremely difficult circumstances throughout the world. Like many, we felt conflicted about the inequality of opportunities children have around the world simply because of where they were born. Was there something that we could do to help these vulnerable children while helping our own?

The creation of Expand Hope was motivated by a desire to answer these questions that we shared with so many of our clients at The Schmidt Investment Group. We knew it was possible to create a unique platform in Canada that didn’t currently exist. We were compelled to combine our current business that helps our clients with their financial and economic wealth with a new social organization, Expand Hope, through which we could also support our clients and their families in building and developing their social wealth. Therefore, we are 100% committed to tying the growth of The Schmidt Investment Group directly to the eradication of extreme poverty through education in some of the most marginalized communities in the world.

Today, we encourage you to create an everlasting legacy for yourself and your family by referring The Schmidt Investment Group to family and friends that have wealth planning needs. In turn, we will build a school in both your honour. You will change the lives of thousands of children and their families by giving them an opportunity in life they never thought possible.


Be a Change Maker – Create Your Legacy!



Marvin J. Schmidt and Leah Schmidt

Co-Founders of The Expand Hope Foundation



CRA Charity Registration Number: 815802723RR0001