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Completed Schools


#5 School

Community: Antigua Xonca, Guatemala

Contributors: The Schmidt Investment Group and Expand Hope Team

Watch Video of School Opening

Community Leaders share their vision for the new school build

The fifth Expand Hope School was built in Antigua Xonca, also located in the Nebaj region. Prior to this, there was no middle school in this community with 80% of the children in Antigua Xonca ceasing to study at a grade 6 level. The new Expand Hope School opened in Spring of 2019. The Schmidt Investment Group Team are very grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside the people of Antigua Xonca as this school brings continued positive and sustainable transformation to this community.

#4 School

Community: Chacalte, Guatemala

Contributors: Mascots Race for Hope 2018

Watch Video of School Opening

Chacalte school build project discussion

Our Fourth project is a middle school in Chacalte. The community of Chacalte has a unique story of survival from the Guatemalan civil war, and is the beneficiary of our 2018 Mascots Race for Hope community event. There is one primary school in the community which is currently oversubscribed and is unable to accommodate all children. Construction of this school was completed in February 2019 with students enrolled in Spring of 2019.

#3 School

Community: Antigua Xonca

Contributors: Anonymous


Celebrating the third Expand Hope school opening with the community of Antigua Xonca

The third Expand Hope school was also built in Antigua Xonca with funds from our anonymous donors.This school replaced the dark, wet, wood and mud structure that housed the Kindergarten and first grade students in this community. This new school means that the students will be warm in the winter, they won't struggle to see in the dark as the classrooms are well-lit and they can excel at their studies.

#2 School

Community: La Pista, Guatemala

Contributors: The Schmidt Family – Marvin, Leah, Téa, Joshua and Keats

Watch Video of School Opening

Before and after pictures of the second Expand Hope School in La Pista

Our second school is located close to our first school in the community of La Pista, Guatemala. This was a restoration project of a four classroom middle school for grades 7-9. This completed the middle school campus along with teachers’ offices and several latrines. The completion of the school campus has impacted the lives of over a hundred children who are now enrolled in school.

#1 School

Community: La Pista, Guatemala

Contributors: The Schmidt Family – Marvin, Leah, Téa, Joshua and Keats

Watch Video of School Opening

Before and after pictures of the first Expand Hope School in La Pista

We are thrilled to see the first Expand Hope school built. This three classroom school was constructed just 9 km outside of Nebaj, the main municipality in the Quiche region. This school will change the lives of approximately 150 children per year. Enrolment numbers for the start of the 2018 school year have already shown that students who have dropped out have returned to school as a result of the new classrooms.


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