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By referring or becoming a new client of The Schmidt Investment Group and CIBC Private Wealth, you will be helping to break the cycle of poverty for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

The Schmidt Investment Group will direct 100% of investment management revenue from every new client for the first 18 months, to its Global Social Impact Platform, the Expand Hope Foundation, to build a school in your honour.

You, your family and friends will be invited to participate in a Global Impact Trip to both celebrate the opening of the school with the community and attend a Global Citizenship Forum.

It all begins with referring or becoming a new client.


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CRA Charity Registration Number: 815802723RR0001

Marvin Schmidt is making the donation and NOT the client or anyone who referred a client. Marvin Schmidt is making the donation through the CIBC Miracle Day and the CIBC Children’s Foundation which in turn directs the donation to the Expand Hope Foundation which qualifies as a Canadian Qualified Program Relevant Charity as per CRA and the CIBC Children’s Foundation. Donations made are in respect of fees and commissions earned, other than insurance fees and commissions, in respect of new clients, during the first 18 months as a client of Marvin Schmidt and The Schmidt Investment Group. The client will be charged fees or commission rates within The Schmidt Investment Group’s standard range. Any materials that reference the Expand Hope Foundation arrangement must be reviewed by the Supervisor and resident Edmonton Branch Manager, Toby Dragland or his successor, to ensure that the above is set out clearly and that there are no conflicts of interest.